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How To Purchase The Best Hot Roller For The Best Performance

The manual properly curly hair by the hot rollers at home helps you quickly owns curls bobbing charm without using thermal methods which can cause damage to the hair. Curly hair bobbing for appeal has always been the favorite, but if you use more thermal methods, it will affect the hair, so you could use the rollers to curl hair naturally. With the hair rollers, there are many types and to use properly, your hair curly will become beautiful and new correct order. Here, reading this article, you will know the tips how to use the best hot roller with the fastest simple. As a result, there is no need to go to the shop for a few hours, just using a hot rolling tool (aka fake trees bending), the modern girls are already having a curly hair like that.

Choose The Right Size

Not all types of instruments are sized with hot rolling and create the same hairstyle. So if you want to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, you need to know to find the right kind of trees bending.

First, you need to estimate the size of the head. Depending on your hair type, it will be designated as the first suitable type, for example if you want to create wavy or curly hair bobbing slightly, choose the hot roller swept diameter 2.5 to 5 cm. If you want smaller curls, choose hot roller with swept selection about 2 cm in diameter.

In addition, select the right temperature for your hair type is also important. So, you should buy a hot rolling apparatus which can adjust different temperature levels.

If the hair is thin, weak or stained, use a low temperature below 200 degrees Celsius to prevent fire and damage to the hair. Thick curly hair is healthy and can be increased to 200 to 300 degrees C.

When wrapped, please observe the reaction of the hair to increase or decrease the temperature accordingly. Nevertheless, absolutely never exceed the temperature of 400 degrees C.

Material Of Hot Rollers: Recommended Ceramic

The types of rollers are made of many different materials. Hot rollers with ceramic coating Ceramic shirt is good for your hair. Ceramic will help disperse heat evenly throughout hair. Less dry hair, tangled and damaged.

The type of metal rollers such as titanium or chromium is also good thermal conductivity and low heat common but irregular, tangled hair easily and fractures.

Before Using The Hot Roller

With a little thin hair, soft or natural oils, please use shampoo and moisturize with products which help to add volume. Then, spray the product to protect hair from thermal effects of hair from root to tip while remaining moisture. Apply mousse and add dried. With thick hair, if not too oily hair shampoo do before rolling.

The Order Of Rolling

To have beautiful curls, divide your hair into small sections and then wrapped. With thicker hair, you divided into as many parts. Hair is wrapped isat least about 7cm away to avoid hurting the scalp. Take a section of hair at the nape bending before, comb your hair swept empty, hold for 10-20 seconds to hair styling. Hair is brushed lightly by hand to the natural curls bobbing, if only curly, many hands will be squeezed and coated with sticky spray to keep longer.

If your hair is stiff and difficult to make style, after removing hair from the rollers, wrap the opposite then fixed with a clamp. Wrap another layer of tissue paper substrate which does not create folds when clipped hair. Remove clamp when you’ve finished both top and wrap your hair cool.

Do Not Use The Hot Roller With Wet Hair

The most basic principle is absolutely not bending author on damp hair or moisture. It will make your hair scorched.

Cleaning Up After Use

Since, you are using hair styling products, you need to clean fake trees bending after each use. Otherwise, the product class a long buildup will cause more difficulties styling, the temperature does not shine and the curls are not keeping order.

How to clean: After use, you simply let the machine cool completely and wipe with a damp towel. If you do not clean up immediately when cold you might spend more money shopping roller cleaners to remove stubborn stains.

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