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Guide To The Compound Bow For The Beginners

Currently on the market of archery, there contains a lot of compound bows from various manufactures, which may make it hard for the beginners to choose which kind of bow is best suitable for them.

Regarding the make and name, all compound bows have certain same points that you need to take into the serious consideration before purchasing. Find this about the guide of bow buyer in this article, the author will find out past the propaganda as well as focus on the main aspects that you need to know before choosing the compound bow.

With something you purchase, you have to consider its application. What are the reasons for you to buy the compound bow? Do you want to hunt or shoot?

The application will offer different specifications. Let’s get started, you need to find the matching bow. In which, the two important terms in the bow match is the draw weight and draw length.


It takes for granted that the compound bows may draw the unique distance before stopping the string. This distance is called the draw length. Almost compound bows will have the range for the draw length, which can be changed to match the shooter to get the comfort in the shooting form. It is extremely pivotal for the shooters to find their suitable draw length for numerous reasons.

Firstly, if your draw length is short, it may affect badly the accuracy since keeping reference points of aiming to get more difficult. With the full draw, the shooters will get the core point, and if the draw length is too short, it may lead to the floating core point, resulting to the inconsistency between the shots.

As well, the draw length, which is too short, will result to increase the torque under the compound bow, contributing the inaccuracy.

Secondly, if your draw length is too long, it may make the archers to get the natural tendency to back their head behind to try to watch rightly via the peep sight (this means a small instrument used of aiming). This task may cause a variety of other troubles like poor back posture and bad shooting form.

Besides, unsuitable shooting form may cause the torque and tension to the compound bow to make the inaccuracy. Even it can lead to the worse matter, as this will make the shooters’ compound bow arm to hold the bow to stretch more than needed, which may affect the line of the string.

Thirdly, if you can choose the proper draw length, it will be better for your shooting form. There exist numerous reasons for the method of measuring the draw length. With the newcomers, it is very excellent to go to your local pro shop archery or other prestigious archery stores to predict your draw length. Getting the proper draw length can benefit the consistency, form, safety, and accuracy.


When it goes to the draw weight, the most essential thing you should understand is to match your bows draw weight to your strength. The speed will be faster if the draw weight is heavy. However, more importantly than speed is to find a weight in which you are able to hold it up at the full draw without getting too much pressure.

When choosing the draw weight, especially for the hunters, they should be possible to be drawn back for the long time. When testing the compound bows, you should determine whether you can hold and draw the bow at the full draw within 20-35 second without shaking or not.

If possible, this draw weight can be suitable for you. The other point is the accuracy, when having the draw weight, you are easy to draw and hold, allowing you to have a stable and accurate shot.


When selecting the bow length, of course the most important factor is the length for both stability and maneuverability. For the hunter, the shorter bow will be easily controlled in the tree stand and in the field. On the contrary, the longer bows will be suitable and more accurate for the shooters. This may depend on the individual preference and the application of each user.

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