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Some Notes For Choosing Guitar Pedal

Nowadays, guitar is the favorite musical instrument of many people on the world. Just like other musical instruments, in order to play guitar as a professional guitarist you will have to prepare some necessary devices therein guitar pedal can be considered the most important device for a guitarist. Guitar pedal is device with feature to create different sound and amp for guitar.

If you just want to play guitar as hobby in free time then maybe this device is not too necessary but if you want to play guitar at the outdoor shows then guitar pedal is indispensable device. There are many different brands of guitar pedal on the market and each brand will have own models with own pros and cons therefore you will be able to feel hard when choosing this device therefore below are some notes to help you choose the best guitar pedals.

Compact Pedal Or Multi Effect Pedal

As mentioned above, there are many brands of guitar pedal on the marker and of course product of them it not the same however basically, there are just two types of guitar pedal on the market that are compact pedal and multi effect pedal therein each type will have own pros and cons therefore you should choose depending on your usage purpose. Firstly is compact pedal.

It is designed with a single effect or amp with real electric circuit therefore sound of it is really good and sound will not be changed too much when going through compact pedal. Next is multi effect pedal. This type is designed with many effects and amps with emulator electric circuit.

Multi effect pedal is an electronic pedal therefore it has ability to contain many different effects and amps but because it operates based on emulator electric circuit therefore sound will not be real such as compact pedal as well as sound will be changed much when going through multi effect pedal but this type is very convenient and flexible. If you want to play guitar at outdoor space then maybe compact pedal will be suitable choice in this case because sound of it is real, good especially with large space when playing guitar in outdoor.

Notes For Choosing Guitar Pedal

As mentioned above, compact pedal will be the best choice for playing guitar at outdoor show however in order to use compact pedal, you will have to combine many types of guitar pedal into a board which is also known as guitar pedal board. There are many different compact pedals therein some compact pedals are very popular such as preamp, envelop filter, octave, compressor, reverb and so on. You can install position of each pedal depending on your musical style.

Next is about board to install guitar pedal. If you want to use guitar pedal board to play at outdoor show then you should not choose a board made by wood because although board made by wood will be very nice with high aesthetic however wood will be changed by many factors such as temperature, humidity that are factors which you can not avoid when playing guitar at outdoor show therefore it is not suitable choice for guitarist to show at outdoor space as well as moving to many places with difference about weather.

If you used pedal board made by wood under the rain then surely you will feel inconvenience of it in addition, weight of it is heavy.  You should not use pedal board made by metal because it will be very heavy and clumsy. There is a principle that weight of pedal board should not be heavier than weight of guitar pedal that reason why you should not choose a pedal board made by metal.

In addition, rust is also problem of metal in using process and this problem is very serious if you use at outdoor spaces with rain, wetness as well as high humidity. In addition, you should not choose pedal board wrapped by tolex or plastic because tolex will increase weight of board as well as it should be wrapped on a steady surface therein plastic is not durable, not friendly with environment although price of it is cheap but quality is really bad.

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