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Fancy with artificial turf with pool decoration

Decoration for swimming pool is very popular, which makes it become more attractive. There exists a plethora of kinds of decoration. On the other hand the pool, it serves the many, many different objects so that the pool need to suit with the view of pool. As a needed, people must know how to decorate to meet the standards of best above ground pool as well as ensure the beauty when using  

Artificial grass is used as a decorative material the pool? Why not? Thanks to the durable material, evergreen color of the artificial turf that you can create fresh space around the pool, contribute to dispelling the heat of summer.

Combining the gaps around the lake and garden area, artificial grass will turn the house became the scene new, more unique. Based on the location and architecture of the pool that we have options of artificial grass, various decorative pool.

Decorative artificial grass rooftop pool

This location is very special pool. In the highest position of the house, which is immersed in cool water, enjoying the view of nature will help you to be relaxed and comfortable after hours of work stress. We will help you feel better with the cool blue of the artificial grass around the pool.

The use of decorative artificial grass around the pool is extremely reasonable. Material durable, beautiful, not afraid of damage and fading under the impact of weather, outdoor scenes, especially where such temperature changes on the terrace, the artificial turf is a good solution. Synthetic plastic material is not afraid of the water is suitable for the area around the pool. However, the construction of a swimming pool on the terrace technical requirements are very strict, you should seek the advice of the architect, the construction company building a professional artificial turf.

Indoor swimming pool decorated with artificial turf

With an indoor pool, you will be extremely advantageous in decorative pool with artificial grass. Placement in the home should be without extra effort and cost of construction of artificial grass paste wallpaper. The cool waters of the pool, next to the green artificial turf will increase the beauty of your home. You like to be immersed in natural surroundings at the room, your house. You can with family members celebrating “onshore” Interestingly, just a dip in the water just dinner will be very interesting.

Decorate the pool with artificial grass


You want to combine swimming pool construction decoration indoor artificial, it requires an area of your house wide, ventilated, with architecture suitable for a swimming pool in the house space.

Decorative artificial grass in garden pool

A swimming pool in the area of family garden would be great if the combination of space around, garden houses to turn into the pool of the resort. Type decorative garden pool with artificial turf is widely favored by the convenience, aesthetics and high safety. Pool in the garden is very convenient for water drainage, water filter, Combined with garden by covering the artificial turf, ornamental gardens and a useful playground safety for its members, especially children. The only thing you need to mind the architectural pool, garden courtyard must have unity, harmony, which will help to increase the beauty for the home.

The point to keep in mind when decorating the scenery around the pool with artificial turf

The combination of the scenery around the pool will help enhance the beauty part for the pool and the house. You should note that some small points below.

Plants in the garden area: should be avoided at least 3m away from pool to pool and avoiding damage the artificial grass by the growing roots. You should not choose trees with broad leaves to pool views are airy, comfortable.

You should avoid planting many trees shed their leaves, the leaves change several times a year, that will shed their leaves into the lake, polluting the water in the pool. Avoid flowers attract insects, insects in the lake to avoid the animals that come into contact with your skin and your family.

Sewer of the tub plants, potted plants around the lake: It should be designed, arranged tub logical tree, potted surfaces coated with gravel to reduce the amount of waste water flowing into the lake, down the artificial grass by soil leaching of rainwater.


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