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Buy mountain bike and cycling posture right

 You’re looking out on mountain bike? So please read this article to learn more about this vehicle. From the product line to individual characteristics of each type of vehicle, to decide whether he would choose any car? Best mountain bike, road bike or the best hybrid bike? And what are they? What characterizes them, how to choose the car like?

  1. Type of bike

Basically there are now three main models:

Road Bike: As vehicles for those who love cycling in the streets, flat road surface, small tires, the car shape design rider forward. Riders can buy yourself a car if you only move on the long road out of town, with decent speed, so the car does not have anti-shock resistant and long term tonnage less. Road bike frames are usually slender than other vehicles.

Mountain Bike: The vehicles are designed to travel on the  rocky road, rugged terrain, uneven, slower vehicle speed, safety and good shock resistant. big mountain bike with the chassis, and make, big tires, saddles are designed more busy recording for feeling uncomfortable. But it’s very good for people with back pain, and accordingly to choose a mountain bike on the street.

This car has plenty of features for consumers to choose. both authors suspension, car costs are not high, the user should be favored. But if you never go out of town and you should consider buying it.

Hybrid Bike: The vehicles are produced in order to overcome the drawbacks of the two vehicles on. It combines the advantages of the mountain bike and street bike. Designed with comfortable sitting posture than road bike, the tires smoothly and has anti-shock, but with pieces like road bike chassis, so the car is only suitable for walking in the street.

  1. Bike Size:

Once out briefly about the cars, the next you should know how to choose the size of the car consistent with itself.

The quickest way to estimate is upright, feet placed flat on the ground, in the middle frame. For vehicles road bike, the distance between the vehicle and align your crotch should be 2.5 – 5 cm. For MTB, this gap needs more broadly, the approximate width of a hand with your

  1. How to choose a bike fit

Anti-shock system

Suspension system of the bike is very diverse topography. A bike with front suspension system and after (full) will give you a feeling of comfort and smooth when cycling, but also heavier and more expensive. “Hardtail” (hard tail vehicles) or vehicles not equipped with a suspension system with lighter weight vehicles equipped and also more durable. However, a hard tail mountain bike will not withstand powerful blows. If you just recently take part in mountain bike, you can consider choosing a hard tail. The reason given is very simple, you spend less money when deciding to abandon this goal because do not like and do not have to spend money repairing vehicles because the vehicles have fewer components. In addition, you do not have to spend too much effort to topography for shock absorption system that should force to the slopes.


Once you have decided to choose between a hard or a tail with full suspension system, then you will have to decide on the style of biking. Although currently on the market are specialized vehicles such as cars and car downhill performance, new people should begin to practice cross-country type (cross-country). Cross-country vehicles are lightweight and flexible, so users just enjoy the feeling of soaring labor has used on more bad roads in the countryside. They are equipped with various types of shock absorber.


Mountain bikes are equipped with two types of main brake: Brake disc and rim brakes. Brake discs more expensive but better food. Rim brake cheaper but does not work well in rain and mud environment. A beginner will want to try multiple vehicles with different each brake before making a final decision.


Beginners may not want to spend too much money for a bike terrain, particularly if they are unsure about sticking workout time this subject. Generally, you can spend about $ 200 to own a pretty good car. But if you want a better, about $ 500 is the amount you should be prepared. Once you discover this sport longer, you will know what kind of bike fit workout styles and terrain. And remember, try renting bikes and cars are a great way to explore the car before you buy

Next you must determine financial viability, and vehicles as well as car choice sizes to suit body height, and vehicles intended to go on any kind of road.

  1. Posture cycling properly:

After you have chosen to buy a car, you should understand some of the rules in the saddle height adjustment and cycling posture accordingly.

First is the saddle, you can adjust the seat at will. When sitting on the saddle, your weight should be put on the spot under, behind, like when you sit on a flat solid surface

The tilt angle of the saddle is also very important in helping you with comfortable sitting posture. If too poured forward, you’ll feel like you’re slipping out of the car. If so inclined, you will lose power bike. Most people think that the height of the saddle to do so can still sit on the saddle, but against the foot. This is completely wrong.

But the best is the height of the saddle to do to make the bike leg, bend your legs a little bit will only knee, like this:

When the need to get off, you should lift the buttocks off the seat, and stand on two legs, clamping alignment in between.

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