How to be a good hunter ?


It is obvious that fishing is one of the most peaceful kinds of sports. We go fishing in quiet areas, along the rivers or streams to enjoy the purest air of the nature. Fishing also brings to us the most comfortable moment falling into the deep dimensions of the wild life. Fishing is not as simple as people often think but it is not too difficult to learn and master. The key in this sport is to possess a set of good fishing furniture. Especially, the baitcasting reel reviews should be noticed more on the grounds that this tool will help you reduce a lot of force when you fish. Furthermore, you also train yourselves with relevant and useful exercises as well as practice regularly to become skillful. In this article, we will help you to facilitate your fishing trips with necessary equipment and tell you the most important fishing skills.

  1. Necessary fishing equipment

Don’t think that only with some money and come to the river, can you know how to fish. In the first place, you had better understand this sport, know what it requires and prepare full of them. Here is the least fishing equipment that a new fisher should have.

  • Fishing rod

As usual, there are two types of fishing rods which are for two target fishers. The fishing rod for new fishers should be a traditional one that has no help of technical details. You will have to learn to fish with a bamboo rod. The first lesson in fishing is to get acquainted with the raw rod and use the force to control it. When you use this rod, you will be able to control and direct it but if you start with a modern rod, you cannot fist anything. Only skilled fishers can use that type.

You can buy a suitable rod for new fishers at fishing equipment store with very low price. The length of the rod is about 3.5 – 6 meter. Cheap rods are often made of glass that is three times heavier than other rods but more elastic. By contrast, a rod made of carbon is lighter. It also makes fishing easier than using a glass one but it needs to be stored well. In particular, when it thunders or has lightening, you have to put it aside on the grounds that carbon is a kind of conductive material.

  • Baitcasting reel

A reel helps fishers to control and ajust the length of the fishing twines, depending on the depth of the streams and the position you want to fish. However, if you use a traditional rod, it is difficult to connect the baitcasting reel. This equipment often goes with a modern rod.

  • Fishing hook

Fishing hook is used to hook into the fish’s mouth. Without a fishing hook, you cannot catch the fish even though the fish is baited.

  • Streamers and floating plugs

These are two attractive baits for the fish. You should be well – informed of what the fish eats in order to choose suitable streamers and plugs. The fishing hook is covered with a streamer or a floating plug (plastic fish) to be eye – catching to the fish. You can absolutely catch the fist more easily.

  • Fishing net

You may think that there is no need to use a net but in all cases, a fishing net is still important. Sometimes, you catch a big fish but you cannot bring it to the shore on the grounds that it is too heavy and your fishing rod is broken. At that time, the net will help you to pinion it.

  1. Important tips

For new fishers, the most important skill is to control the fishing rod. You have to release the fishing rod into the stream and wait for the fish to be baited. When you see the rod vibrate lightely, the fish can be baited so you have to pull the rod obove the water surface. One more note is to observe the changes of the water surface and the rod.

This is the least equipment that new fishers should have. You should prepare all of them to have a convenient fishing trip. In addition to this, you also need to learn to direct the fishing rod in a proper way. Your direction will be the dicisive factor in baiting the fish. During you keep the rod, remember that do not lose sight of the rod and don’t vibrate it as this can make the fish go away and never come back. New fishers need to be patient as learning to fish takes time and it also depends on the sensitiveness of each individual. The difficulty of this sport is that it is also related to people’s sense. You ought to apply basic knowledge and your own experience to fish.

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