How to be a good hunter ?


Rifle is still a mystery stuff for many people, not only because rifle is more popular in hunting or military, it also costs a lot of money to buy a full accessories version of a rifle. The most common accessary of the rifle is the scope, you can find some Rifle scope reviews for more advices and knowledge to know more about the rifle. What do you think are the most important quality of a hunting rifle? The first thing you need to concern about is its ability to be carried into the wood and do not too heavy, but it also needs to have good accuracy and good balance to hunt animals. In addition, the price is one of the making decision factor for people to buy the rifle. So in summary, the standards to find a best hunting gun are good price, light weight, stable accuracy and strong damange. Check out this list below to find out what is the best hunting rifle.

  1. Browing BLR light weight

This series with the advantage is contain light weight make it becomes the first name in this list. The model ’81 is one of the good representative for this series, with long scope and mount, about 40 inches. It’s barrel is short – about 20 inches, make it become the best choice in this field, and is a standard gun for shooting from tree stand. It is also contain an alumium alloy and bolt locking system for user safety, for moving, you can choose the take-down version in this series, it got an award for this ability.

  1. Kimber classic

The top gun in this series is the 84M version, it is in the field of normal bold – action gun. But the manufacturer was decided to give it a light weight to become it advantage compare to other line of product in this field. The rifle is given an impress ability to make the semi- customized to match the individual shooter’s need. This rifle is suitable to the hunting trip at a long back country due to it’s merit such as: light wieght, good balance of shooting, short barrel, and easy to carryng. The price of this product is in the middle position compare to other lines of products, it costs about $ 1,300.

  1. Ruger medium sporter

It is in the line of medium weight. With the length of 38 and ¼ inches , 22 inches barrel, and 9 pounds weight, it constains 2 types of careidges, which are calssic and never usefulness. Even it heavier than 2 above rifles, it still is a good choice for those one who want to get a good accuracy and balance gun, it is easy to unload and ready for action. Its suggest price for retail is about $ 1,250. A worst investment, isnt it?

  1. Marlin

This series is stand out base on the light of model 388MXLR, it is quite of long with the length about 42 ½ inches and barrel is about 24 inches, weight about 8 pounds. It is equiped a hardwood stock and corporate with the deluxe recoid pad. For shooting, it contains a excellent level of long range accurancy, moreover,bringing less recoid than other type of similar digital, the stainless frame make it get more balance than the rifle using the blued steel lever. It can provide a fast reload when hunting, what every hunter expected in their gun. The offer price for this rifle is about $950, a little bit cheaper than above type and worst to take a shoot.

  1. Remington guide rifle

This type of rifle provice an excellent quality for the hunter due to its own characteristics, which are light weight (about 8 ½ pound, quite light compare to other type of hunting gun) the length is 41 3/16 – suiatble to carrying to the hunting trip in the wood. The structure is based on the classic hunting and do not be manufacturing from 2014, if you want to own one of them, you just have only one choice is buy it from other owner as the second hand stuff. The thing make this gun is in the end of the list is its slow – shooting.

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