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Not simple like football or basket ball that you just need get in the pitch with ball, with golf, there is complicated. Golf is fussy about not only the player but also the equipment. Before playing golf, you need to prepare yourself knowledge about golf equipments and technical to follow golf rules. For golf equipment, we can list out here some basic stuff such as the golf clubs (there are 3 main types of golf clubs wood, irons and putter), golf ball (devided into 2 groups: 2 core layers and 3 core layers), golf GPS (phone, hand watch, you can looking for some Golf GPS reviews for more details). The post below will be some information about golf equipments for you.

  1. Starting with basic skills

Golf is an international sport, so in order to make it becomes a global game and can be played in every countries, the current rules of modern golf has changed a lot from the begging. At first, to be start, you need to know about the special term using in golf, the terminology, equipments to play golf and rules. Currently, to get the basic of golf , you just need to goolge by few keywords then there are thousands of new and sharing post from informal to formal documents will help you to know all about golf. However, learning is not enough, you need to practice playing golf in real, you can sign in some course to learn and practice your golf skills. Be guided will help you to practice good habit in playing golf and linited the wrong pose in long run. The first playing pose will affect the whole following process of your golf carreer.

  1. Prepare a suitable golf clubs

Golf clubs is essential in playing golf. A good and suitable golf clubs will provide the best condition for practice and playing golf, and also it is the most difficult subject for new player. The golf club structure includes 3 parts which are head, shafl and grip and shafl is the most important part of the golf club and takes the main roles of Swing skill. When choosing shafl, people need to care about the Flec level of the shafl, a hard shafl will provides a high speed of swing. A graphite Shaft (light weight) is easier to get maximum speed and control more powerful and flexible. However, a steel Shaft (heavy) will help golfers a better control of the ball and get a better sense of touch, so the player will get a more accurate shot. There are 3 main types of golf clubs which are woods, irons and putters.

  1. Golf GPS

Currently, the golf GPS devides are designed as a hand watch for golf player in order to easy to carry and connect to get the pitch map. The information will be on the touch sceen, so it is handle and easy to use. With just a simple touch, all information of the pithc will be on the screen then you will know exactly where are you and where will be your next shot. However, there are few disadvantages of the golf GPS devide that usually they have small screen, so hard to see clearly the topographic of golf pitch.

  1. Golf balls

At the begging, you should follow the advices of director because there are a lot of different golf ball, so it hard to find a suitable one for you in short time. Normally, the starter will play with 2 layers core ball, this type is made from hard subber and the shell is made by special surlyn plastic. It has enduration and easy to hit the ball far away characteristic, but it is harder to control than the 3 layers core golf ball which are used by professional and high skills golfers.

  1. Other stuff

Beside some basic and essential above, you also need to prepare some of supported stuff such as gloves, golf shoes, handkerchief because golf is the sport that you need to walk and moving alot, so s comfortable shoes is good for you. When perform the swing a lot, your gloves can be worn, so you need to prepare a preventive gloves.

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