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A list of reliable brands of quality hybrid bikes

What do you know about hybrid bike or maybe the right question here is what hybrid bike is and what features does it outweigh other bike. Normally we can have road bike for everyday commuting or exercising but it is just for the flat surface cycling, then the mountain bike was invented for making the off-road and trails possible. So the thing I want to emphasize here is the hybrid bike is the combination between those two styles of bike. Best hybrid bikes will bring the satisfaction for people who want the mixed ride which allow them to both experience with trails and still be able to use the same ride for street cycling. In this post, will give you some suggestion on reliable brands for quality hybrid bike in budget so you can enjoy purchasing one with affordable price.

  1. Diamondback Edgewood

This brand produces versatile hybrid bikes because it can be used for both men and women. The outstanding product of this brand I want to recommend is Diamondback Edgewood LX which has some amazing features.

First, this bike is the typical hybrid bike the overall construction and frame made of aluminum material so you will find it very strong yet still lightweight for parking and moving.

Another advantages of owning this bike is that you will be able to ride on trails and pavement easily with the support of front spring shock system, wheels and double walled that bring greater strength. In addition of those amazing feature, Diamondback Edgewood LX also includes the spring shock seat that will certainly bring you a more pleasant ride with extra cushion on the seat.


  1. Pashley Sovereign

The brand is well-known for producing classical and stylish bikes so it will be the ideal choice for women who enjoys more of the beauty aspect of the bike.

Not only does it stand outs for the stylish look but it also offer the great tactful structure. This is why this bike can bring users pleasant experience of cycling in the street with friends, or going on a ride to the park alone on a beautiful Sunday morning.

You can surely enjoy every moment with Pashley Sovereign for a healthy and still stylish cycling. This bike also offers customer a good choice for bring things along thanks to the great strength of it.

  1. Fuji Traverse

This is the ideal bike who people who enjoy the sport cycling and love to try out on off-road or trails. It is not specially designed for mountain climbing like other mountain bikes but this type is very strong, so you can definitely experience with tough terrain and bumpy paths.

Moreover, Fuji Traverse bike also offer quite appealing price as it is affordable compared to the service it can bring. This bike allow quite flexible control so that you can switch off or turn on to adjust for your preference. It is not only strong thanks to the butted aluminum alloy frame but also offers fast ride for users in comparison with other mountain bikes.


  1. Syrius Elite Carbon disc

This type of bike has quite the overall similarity with other range of hybrid bike such as the basic aluminum frame but it offers customers more than just the average quality as it is featured with the Syrius Elite Carbon disc which will help to speed the cycling.

You will be amazed by its fast speed who the maximum speed can be compared to the top of fastest in hybrid bike range in the market. Furthermore, it also consists of the frame and fork which are improved to bring about a more comfortable experience for both smooth and rough roads.


  1. Foffa Urban 7 Speed Nexus

This bike is the best deal for fashionable bike but still in reasonable price. As suggested by the name, it includes an internal hub gear that make the bike outstanding from the very first look.

In addition, Foffa Urban 7 Speed Nexus is also a great choice for exploring narrow streets and easy handling with obstacles, which is ideal for getting round with big vehicles in everyday commuting of big cities with bad traffic jam Therefore, this bike will be the fun, stylish and great choice for anyone love hanging around with friends and loved ones.



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