How to be a good hunter ?



To have an interesting trip and ensure that you use the right techniques to have effective quality, you know these useful knowledge bellow when you go fishing first time.

Fishing is an interesting activity to bring you moments of relaxation after a hard working week, with those who are still in the toddler stage set, the sentence would be a difficult, therefore article please share a few things to know when you are the new.

If you have been a professional angler yet, you just start the fishing toddler, you should refer to the following:


  • Fishing rod

The first thing you need to notice is the fishing rod. Choosing a good and qualified fishing rod will help you have a high success during the fishing. Want to use the machine correctively means you prick twines so that just enough, not too much or too long and must be spread evenly over the reservoir of twines. If you prick the twines too long after cutting the twines will extract automatically out the hard drive.

  • Bob

The second is you need to choose the right kinds of bob. For each different type you will need to select a different kind of bob to be easy to use and facilitates when fishing. Normally select soft bob, select the bob is torn in the center, completely not to use the bob cut diagonally edges because they are one of the causes for your tangling the fishing line when cast.


  • Throwing the bait

The third is throwing the bait so that it is most accurate. How to throw the bait exactly mean that you must have a true grasp with the rod, you can target and then throw the bait, the best thing is that you should point from the top rather than take after shoulder and threw a fit enough power, not so aggressively.

  • The forth is, you must immerse the peak of the fishing rod. It depends on the weather of the day you go fishing very much. If this day is sunny, fishing will be simpler.


  • The fifth is, when the fish bites the bait, you just need a slight jerk to stick to the hook into the mouth of fish. This means that when you feel fish is going to bite the bait and the float being pull up and down, you just pull the rob to the left or right, generally along so ensure more oblique.



  • The sixth is, creating the bait to attract fish. In the quiet waters sometimes you need to flick the rod to pull the bait and attract the fish, and in flowing waters you need and pin the bait to locate the fish location.


  • The seventh is, the location of dropping rod is very important. Normally you will see the fisher men drop the bait in the confluence or under bridges, near roaring rock areas, in places that will concentrate a large fish, facilitating for fishing.


  • Mix the bait. A simple formula to mix the baits, using this method on flowing waters.


  • Clay powder (dry and no lumps): from2 to 3 kg
  • Shredded cheese (hard skin): About 200 gram
  • A little bran corn and a few teaspoons of cooking oil, if you need.
  • At the edge of the water added to the mixture:
  • Worm (1/2 liter) if your bait is worm, soil worm (1/4 liter) if your bait is young soil worm, boxed corn (1/2 liter) if the bait is boiled or steamed corn.
  • Mix the mixture slowly and regularly, and add water slowly until the mixture into the thick, plastic and sticky clay.


Fishing is not only helps us to retreat to think but also help reduce fatigue stress of the working hours of pressure. Fishing is one exercise helps us exercise and endurance of the body. Thank for going fishing, we will more patient. With a few simple tricks, you can go fishing efficiency whether it is the first time you go fishing. Please pay close attention and understand and practice them many times, I am sure they will be effective as you want. Good luck.

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