How to be a good hunter ?

Some notes to go hunting by air refle


What do you do in your spare time. On the weekends, but sit at home with a computer, a television and a few jobs, but what can you more attractive.

Can you try go out with hunting. I think there are many ways to relax when you have free time, just a tool and I think it will be uesful for you and have you many experiment in your life. Have a tried with most powerful air rifle. I think it will be happy and have interesting time.

Hunting is a kinds of society, a ancient community. Nowaday, there aren’t many people like going out and hunting. Instead of that, they want to go travelling and enjoy some food, cuture.

After the invention of agriculture, hunter-gatherers were replaced by agriculture or cultivation, farming in most parts of the world. The social division of labor into a kind of hunter-gatherers were replaced by active foraging to farming and keeping of animals. Living in a rich natural environment, active hunter-gatherers used and regarded it as a natural means of livelihood to adapt in corruption cases starvation. But forms of hunting and gathering in today has not completely disappeared, especially those areas are poor, backward and still many cases people had to rely on the crabs, snails and seeds paddy, gleaning ….

Even today, some parts of people, ethnic groups, tribes still hunter-gatherer lifestyle, although their number has dropped by a majority of the community joined in developing agriculture. Many of them reside in the arid and tropical forests in the developing countries. In the competition for land use, societies of hunter-gatherers living by moving to other areas after using food sources in this finished.

Means of livelihood by gathering mainly take place in the Stone- Age; Brone- Age. This method is not guaranteed to be demand for food for humans. Sometimes makes them fall into a miserable, can not proliferate. Gradually, the time goes on this hunting method gradually fragmented, develop agriculture still exist today.

Nowaday, people go to hunt as a way to relax, reduce stress in their life. Specially. Hunting by air rifle is more and more developed, especially for hunter who make money by hunting in the forest. Or the people who like adventure and usually go clibing to discover some new things to have many experimences in their life.

Hunting with air refle  also makes job hunting becomes more and more efficient. Somebody like wildlife animals, they usually go to the forest and hunt some animal to have excellent meat.

But there are some notes for you when taking air refle to hunt. You need take notice of something to make sure safe for you and for surrouding people.

When holding a hunting air rifle, always aim the air rifle  skyward barreled 45 degrees or dive into the ground. Even when there is no bullet, create good habits and avoid potential risks.

You need to buy air refle shooting birds but does not know whether to buy guns. Below are exclusively used rifles to shoot birds, are produced in Indonesia and Malaysia as sharp innova, tiger sharp, sharp ace, canon 737, ….

All supplements are made of wood, such as barrel parts, are made of steel trigger. If your budget is not enough, can buy a plastic, cheaper but inferior quality wooden butts.

Plastic and wood are entitled to warranty from 6 months to 1 year depending on type of supplement.

When buying a air refle would be promotion viewfinder, silencer, ammunition. Defending laser and flashlight are also always, so you can buy more.

Lock safety always in lock mode when not shooting.

When not shoot, do not put my hand on the trigger

When shooting guns,  you should avoid horizontal range target shooting, limited bullets hit the target flying unintended accidents.

Do not shoot with the objectives for reform bullet flower in the horizontal range, if the possibility of people in the surrounding area because of uncontrolled flow of ammunition.

Do not shoot swooping over the water for all kinds of bullets because bullets can shift when the collision surface.

Never give strangers gun delivery, as stranger no knowledge of guns.

Always remember the sentence: “firearm accident” does not have the demand, limiting exposure and use.


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