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 With long and windy coastline, California has become the ideal place for sea sports, especially windsurfing.

Surfing is a popular sport in European countries. Although it came into our country for a long time, this adventure sport only really has been noticed and loved since the international surfing tournaments were held in the world. Not just a workout, surfing was a new experience for those who like thrills in California.

  1. Surfing

Surfing is one of the forms of surfing not use any aids other than board. On the board approximate 2 m length, players stretch and paddle by his hand. To point of large rolling waves, players stand up and use the controlling skills to surf on waves.

This is adventurous sport which requires more high technical requirements so the player is often professional athletes. However, if you want to try the feeling of surfing on the point of waves, the coastline is a best choice for first-time surfers. Here, the waves are just big but enough for you to try the feeling riding on waves.

      2.  SUP

SUP stands for standup paddle boarding. Compared to surfing, SUP is simple and easier to play. A first-time player can master the paddle after a few hours of practice. Thanks to paddle, participants can travel longer distances and played on many different water surfaces such as bays and calm lake surface, even over the falls. SUP is considered that it is the origin of the modern surfing. And now it returned with a new look to attract millions of people.

SUP is classified into its material such as: inflatable SUP, plastic SUP, EPS SUP,… or into the design such as short SUP, long SUP, touring SUP, racing SUP. The price of a paddle is from 200 USD to 400 USD.

This sport is effective for those who want to train body, health and toughness. The flexible movement from the hips, chest, shoulders, and arms while you paddle SUP is a great exercise to help you increase stamina and burn calories.

You can stand, kneel, sit or lie freely that will help you think that is an exercise not sport. Thank for that you can be feeling relaxed, completely remove stress and in harmony with nature.

  1. Windsurfing

With this sport, players use the board with a attached sail and thanks to the throw of wind to surf in the sea. To be able to master the sails, the player have time to train before. When you do not use proactively and be in tune with the waves and wind, falling at sea, smashed against the mast, be sore due to buckling would be commonplace.

When you are smooth in skills and incorporating rhythmic body movements, to drive sail, players will be very intoxicated when just wanted to conquer this challenge to all other challenges. Players windsurfing varied from professional, semi-professional to amateur, depending on waves and wind. The beach in Binh Thuan, Nha Trang was the location “neighbors from” and what’s best for windsurfing. Additionally, you can also try the windsurfing feeling in California and other coastlines.

Above I just comment 3 kinds of surfing, beside that, there are kite surfing and Canoe surfing. They are amazing sports. If you are not an adventurous, do not try them; it is dangerous for you.

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